by: leigha stuiso

It’s hard to believe that pop artist Anna Hamilton has not released her own music until now. With her viral cover of “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons, which now has amassed over 50 million views on Youtube and over 16 million streams on Spotify, and being featured on NBC’s Songland as a writer for Ben Platt, she is taking the world by storm. Now Anna Hamilton is releasing her own music, starting with her debut single “Self Help”. The track is a real success, with an acoustic pop-like melody and her natural storytelling abilities. 

Focusing on others and their well being, Hamilton finds herself worn down and needing some care on “Self Help”. Instead of writing a silly pop song about love or heartbreak, she went with a raw and honest topic for her debut, proving she is here for all the right reasons. The stand out lyrics are:

I’ve been passing out all my energy
treating me like I’m a dispensary
going through the withdraws, I know it’s my fault
it should be easy (easy, easy) in theory
god I need to get some self help cause I know how to wear myself down
trying to pick up everybody’s pieces, disregarding all my inner demons
I can’t even help myself, help me

The echoey track is easy on the ears with thoughtful lyrics that bring it to another level, it is hard to believe this is only her debut. From her beginning, of writing songs at an early age with a guitar and a banjo, to releasing her debut single, we can only imagine what her next moves are.