In true ANIIML fashion, we’ve got a full-length release today that will spike your senses, beginning with the all-caps nature of the song titles. OH AWE is a 10-track stunner of an album that perfectly showcases the self-proclaimed “avante witch-pop” singer/songwriter ANIIML’s unique pipes (Hello, do you hear that powerful voice?!) amidst a rough and tumble mixture of instrumentals. Her twangy disposition only adds depth to the soundscape, a magnetic mess of beauty that we cannot stop playing.

From steady beginning of “IT’S OVER” to the very last chaotic lines of anthemic track “STRONGER NOW”, we are absolutely hypnotized by the beauty of ANIIML’s voice. “SLAY!” brings with it that perfect club track tempo and a bit of trending attitude, while “HANDLE ME” simplifies everything with a mixture of Gwen Stefani-like vocals laced with an increasing presence of seduction. “OUCH!” actually feels like a track Imogen Heap could have pulled off, and we’re all for the pure primal feeling it evokes. “WHERE WE GO (WHEN WE GO)” features the darling X. ARI, intricate percussion being the driving factor on this puppy. “OUT! OF! CONTROL!” actually brings with it a more vintage, theatrical soundscape that has us scrambling for a speakeasy. “BEFORE IT GETS BETTER” features Robots&Balloons, and slows things down a bit for a more introspective moment, and then “FACE TO THE PAVEMENT” slowly but surely revs things up a bit more.

If you’re looking for an interesting soundscape, “IT’S NOT OVER… YET” provides pretty much everything you need. Quirky, trudging percussion, and a little bit of a different approach then 2017’s “IT’S OVER“, she’ll be serving this goodness up on repeat for a while here. “STRONGER NOW” brings a sense of finality to the piece, and the cacophony of sounds toward the end will prove that. Give it a spin, then hit us with your thoughts on Facebook.

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