Los Angele’s latest blessing to the music world is a noteworthy new artist named Alonzo. Last week, he released his new single “Respect” and we couldn’t help but put this one in the mix for new shares. The song’s pace is like a slow walk through a scenic park – a romantic movie montage, perhaps, in its speed – making the words that much more healing in their overlay.

Once Alonzo’s breathy, sensual vocals hit the track, the Prince comparisons are boundless. And his admirable way with words makes this release that more striking. It’s no coincidence that a song that demands African American worth is being released during Black History Month, but the way it hits will undoubtedly keep it in heavy rotation for months to come. Says Alonzo of the track: “I wanted to release this song to kick off Black History Month as an affirmation. A new anthem that Black people can sing from the rooftops with pride & confidence.”

Meredith Schneider