Toronto-based pop artist Allegra Jordyn is coming at us with a brand new track and music video, just in time for America’s holiday weekend. While most of our playlists will be filled to the brim with party tracks to keep us afloat on this boat/beach-crazed holiday, you’re really going to want to spend some time with this jewel-toned video and the sparkling synths that back the introspective track. Explains the artist:

“Numb” is what I like to call my anti-party anthem, and I think the video actively shows this,” she explains when elaborating on her single. “I wrote it at a time where I was suffering mentally but refused to let myself become numb to deal with my problems like people around me would do.

The video perfectly depicts the feeling of loneliness, even in a party setting. Those of us who are not in celebration mode – who have ever felt completely detached from our surroundings – will relate to both the easygoing track and its beautiful visual, directed and edited by Chris Grey and Allegra Jordyn.

Keep up with Jordyn here.

Meredith Schneider