Singer-songwriter ALIX recently released a new pop hit. Featuring pop sensation NEZZA, “Good” is a timeless track that works through the conflict between finding closure and wanting to move on after a relationship ends. The ballad is a model of classic pop, but the smooth vocals and subtle funk undertones give it a tasty R&B twist. The lyrics are simple but sincere, giving them a kind of universality that ALIX herself values in the music of her favourite artists. NEZZA shared in this universality as she bonded with ALIX over experiencing the aftermath of ex-relationships. From their bond, “Good” was born.

The solace found in the lyrics is enhanced by instrumentals that truly encompass the word “good.” Not the “better than alright but worse than great” definition of the word, but the one that means “pleasurable” and “enjoyable.” The song is in 6/8 time, which makes the music sway, each bar punctuated by a clean guitar chord. The harmonies are dreamy, wrapping you in a tender embrace to comfort you through your heartbreak. Towards the end there’s a satisfying key change that instills within you a resolution to persevere through any negative emotions you may be left with. In the end, “Good” is soothing, uplifting, and freeing.

While this track delights in its meaningful simplicity, one can also endeavor to go deeper and look for touches of California, where ALIX grew up. See if you can hear the gorgeous redwood forests and rolling hills that The Golden State is known for. Growing up near San Francisco meant that ALIX was exposed to an array of musical influences, providing her with a nifty toolkit that she would go on to utilize in her music. The music video for ALIX’s debut release “Come Alive” opened the door for her music career, gaining a million views in the first month. Her forthcoming album Feel Better builds on the momentum she’s created, with “Good” being only a taste of what’s to come.

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