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We have a few unique advertising opportunities available in association with Imperfect Fifth. These opportunities are meant to increase the visibility of brands, artists, and individuals who inspire, and delve into subject matters our fans and community show interest in.

Right now, Imperfect Fifth is accepting advertising applications to fill several banner ad opportunities and to reference/include in our new e-zine. Because we are a nonprofit and work by donation-only, we don’t have the capacity to post each and every single article and feature to our social media accounts. For guaranteed posts, please see below. All current opportunities are listed below.

Article Pinned to Top of Site Homepage… $3/wk ($10/4wks)
Guaranteed Instagram+Facebook Post… $1
E-Zine Article Feature… $10
Banner Ad Placement… $2/wk ($5/4wks)
Above the Fold… $3/wk ($10/4wks)
Banner Ad Design… $72
(By Editor Meredith Schneider)

Please fill out our brief advertising application to be considered for partnership. We will be in contact with you within 48 hours of submission, Monday-Friday.

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