Today, we sit down for a lengthy chat with Michael Mehalick, who is a music industry extraordinaire. He’s the Editor in Chief at Speak Into My Good Eye, the Owner and CEO of Good Eye Records, a freelance writer, and music marketer. Essentially, he IS the industry and our time together reflects that.

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0:46 Michael Mehalick intro

1:10 Tight knit industry

4:03 Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

7:15 Speak Into My Good Eye

9:17 Good Eye Records        

11:36 Cathedral Bells

13:00 Makeunder

13:13 Moniker

13:30 Quiet Kids

13:33 Looms

14:24 Carriers

15:22 Aliens

18:27 Captain America

20:10 Marvel

20:25 Disney

22:18 Home on The Range

29:31 “Lead with integrity”

35:32 @GoodEyeRecords


Meredith Schneider