On today’s episode, we sit down with electronic musical duo Bronze Whale to talk about their evolution in the industry and the impact they’ve made on their genre. Of course we also carved in some space to talk about Sasquatch and other creatures of myth.

0:00    Intro
0:11     EZVisibility.com

0:22    Dbl-take.com

0:33    imperfectfifth.com/merch

1:03    Aaron Jaques Intro
1:52    Benny Alley Intro
2:49    Beatles, Chopin
3:45    John Denver
5:05    Turntable.FM
7:29    Austin, TX
9:08    Plush
10:53 “Cruising
16:41  The Shape of Things

19:46  SPLICE sample pack

21:52  Sasquatch
25:34  Aliens
27:37  Flat earth theory vs. Hollow earth
30:02  Alex Jones


Keep up with Bronze Whale here.

Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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