On today’s episode, we sit down with someone I have known for almost a decade. (If you didn’t know, I may mention it too many times.) Blake La Grange is the Owner and Founder at Mastering.com. He is also the CEO & Founder at Mercury Mastering LLC and has worked with talents of all kinds. He and his family recently made the move to New York for the next chapter of their journey, and it was a pleasure to catch up.

0:00    Intro

0:11     EZVisibility.com

0:22    Dbl-take.com

0:33    imperfectfifth.com/merch

0:46 Blake La Grange Intro

1:39 Led Zeppelin “One”

4:06 P.O.D. “Murdered Love”

7:48 Mercury Mastering

11:43 Mastering.com

16:15 Hanson

19:52 Work/Life after baby

24:09 Sasquatch

28:14 Alien Contact

31:06 Drake’s Equation

34:56 Envy

39:08 Atlas Shrugged

Meredith Schneider