In 2021, society feels hollow as people form barriers and images of themselves when forming new connections through the age of social media. Egghunt Records artist Alyssa Gengos trudges through productive routines at home as a shell of her vibrant self in the video for her upcoming single “Mechanical Sweetness”. The VHS-esque cinematography captures a sense of Alyssa’s inner vulnerabilities and yearning for true intimacy as she wanders around activities as if there’s a missing presence filling the void of energy in her life. The video provides a poignant contrast to the track’s sweet yet urgent feel with thumping drums and strings swelling in gradually as Alyssa pleads for an earnest relationship. The artist explains:

Mechanical Sweetness” is a song about my immense frustration with the way we form human (and more specifically, romantic) connections nowadays. Social media and dating apps have turned human interaction into a painful game. These digital ways of communication have caused me so much stress, and my attempts at forging relationships through them have been short-lived and veiled with thin layers of politeness. When the charade between two people who don’t really know each other finally ends, these relationships can be exposed for what they frequently are: unbalanced, unhealthy, and lacking compassion. Sonically, this song mirrors my experiences with largely digital relationships. In the beginning, there are quiet moments of sparse communication where anxiety runs high, eventually leading to an outburst of emotion followed by a period of insecurity and self-questioning.

Check out the video for “Mechanical Sweetness” and stay tuned for Alyssa’s next LP out in 2022.

Kristian Gonzales