Alt-pop artist Kat Saul’s newest EP, Made in the 90s, has been released, and is the perfect way to celebrate being human.  “Alright”, a track about how hard it is to get somebody off your mind when you’re into them, starts off the celebration with an intro that sounds like it comes from a basement rock concert.  “X2” is a catchy hit-worthy bop about moving on, or actually being tired of trying to move on.  In all honesty, this should be in regular rotation at all Top 40 stations.  Saul slows it down a bit with “Monsters”, where the celebrations are toned down in a search for inner peace and serenity.  Not to worry, “I Love To Hate You” speeds everything back up with a sobering story of mutual frustration at the end of a relationship.  Appropriately, the last song celebrates that person that is always by your side at the end of the day.  This is the feeling of floating on “Cloud 9”.

Made in the 90s may have actually been made in 2020 or shortly before, but the music lives up to the name.  A perfect blend of 90s rock and modern pop, Saul proves that you don’t have to escape older sounds to create new ones.  She explains of the EP:  “It’s me reflecting on who I am and what I’ve been through as I transition into adult life so that I can process how the past has made me who I am…because that’s what art is right?”

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