A rush of sound, gentle vocals, a building composition that both blends together seamlessly and allows you to feel the impact of each layer singularly. Missoula-based indie rock group Arrowleaf carries their particular brand of gorgeous sound with Sarah Marker at the helm as the lead singer and songwriter. Their new track “HDYK” is out today, and we’ve got your official premiere.

Here’s the deal. Take away all of the band details, technical terminology, and extra fluff. Look at the photo of this band. This music is clearly inspired by their ecosystem, and the incredible landscape that surrounds them. It’s like they have found a way to close your eyes and FEEL Montana. Honestly? That perfect balance of grace and lightness with the endearingly rough guitar, captivating audio pivots, crashing cymbals, and bravado of a rock band suits that location immensely, with the beauty of the greenery framed by the grandness of the rock formations.

Try it on for size. (We’re right.)

Meredith Schneider