Though she began making a name for herself with her band Alyeska, Alaska Reid is taking the next steps of her career as a solo artist.  Her newly released EP Big Bunny is a monumental step in her own direction, showing off not only her ability to illustrate a story with her music, but also her eccentric vocal ability.  What is to be appreciated is the diversity of subjects that Reid covers, ranging from the hope of moving away from a town that isn’t meant for you, as heard on “City Sadness” and “Boys From Town”, or the yearning for the feeling of comfort and stability that “Warm” and “Pilot” offer up.  The final track, “Blood Ice”, calls for reminiscing on old times that felt more welcoming than the current ones, and it feels like a perfect way to wrap up the stories of Big Bunny.  

Reid explores the trials and tribulations that we see in our lives with a release that can easily be described as perfect for those who are looking for something more in life, whether it be a new place to call home or people in our lives who make us feel warm.  With splashes of personal detail, Reid is also giving herself the chance to feel.

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