Recently, Samuel Proffitt and Yoke Lore partnered on a track release, and we’re all about it. Seriously, take indie electronic musician Samuel Proffitt and pair him with the talents of indie alternative favorite Yoke Lore, and you’ve got the gorgeous, echoing sounds of “Stringnoise”. A meandering, delicate track, there is a hard-hitting quality to it, glittered with the magic of the season in each note.

We probably don’t have to convince you at this point, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

You can wait through the hours and days for the dark nights to find you 
Silicon weights on your neck every day don’t trigger the good man inside you 
Make it hot sweat, feel it in your chest 
Put it in a body maybe that will save us 
Before you get a heart, you gotta get taken apart

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Meredith Schneider