“Catch Your Eye” – the B-side ballad to hopeful and uplifting single “Appian Way,” – now has an accompanying music video. Singer/songwriter, writer, editor, and filmmaker Tod Lippy has created true art with this track. His boldened vocals lead the way, and you’re completely blindsided when you find out that Lippy is actually newer to the world of recording music.

His background in physical art lends well to the music video’s poignant visuals. Using scans of some pretty unmistakable eyes, he sings – as though directly to these humans – with prestigious-sounding horns to really dig the message in early.

“Catch Your Eye” is less a protest song than a song about protest. About how being the “squeaky wheel” or the “fly in the ointment” is not only important but necessary when men (and yes, it’s usually men) in power have no reason or motivation to understand or acknowledge the myriad challenges facing the underserved, the disadvantaged, and the unfairly treated among us. 
How else can we change their hearts?

While protest footage is used sparsely, Lippy’s self-awareness remains at the forefront with the visuals. A beautifully compiled video, “Catch Your Eye” has the true potential to touch someone who definitely needs it.

Ambitions was released June 25. Keep up with Tod Lippy here.