let our favorite videos of july 2020 give your brain a break

let our favorite videos of july 2020 give your brain a break

Every morning, news headlines basically present us with nightmares. Every day, just another nightmare. Wake up, a nightmare. Go to bed, probably also a nightmare. Not cool. So, we took it upon ourselves to give you better visuals to get you through your day. Below, find incredible new video releases from an array of talented artists. And don’t just take our word for it, discover your new favorite by pressing “PLAY.”

Trust us, you want an escape from your brain too.

well, we’re halfway through this beast: july 2020

well, we’re halfway through this beast: july 2020

I don’t know how it happens, but every month I am more and more impressed by the talent that ends up in my inbox. In fact, since I’ve been largely holed up in the apartment since March, I look forward to diving into said inbox more often and even scrolling through Spotify to find new sounds. With the lack of chatter around me, less driving music, and experiencing new music by happenstance in everyday situations, it has been easier to really curate my environment and create an ambiance. And it feels like all of the new music coming out is insightful, artful, and speaks to my soul.

This month, our soundtrack is stacked. And don’t expect that to slow down. Hunker down for newbies from Lotus, Madison Olds, Baker Grace, KNIFEY, Dream Nails, Kaisha, Digital Monx, Racquel Jones, Koe Wetzel, Gold May, Gabrielle Current, HARLOE, and more!

Check back all month long for some of the most random and gorgeous new music selections you’ve ever heard!

magic bronson, “surfin'”

magic bronson, “surfin'”

Tell all your friends that Magic Bronson is back with another single off their upcoming album. “Surfin” is a spacey four-minute break-out track from the Long Angeles based duo. Matt Lieberman and Michael Nicastro have made waves in the indie-pop rock scene, gaining attention from names like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who used the duo’s song, “Nervous”, in an Instagram ad for their fashion line. Magic Bronson is breaking boundaries while delivering powerful and unique music.

They are not afraid to switch things up, giving us different combinations of sounds to create a discordant soundscape. Although you can get lost in the pop-rock beats in the track, it is important to listen to the lyrics. The duo has a way of writing lyrics that fit perfectly together with the beats. With “Surfin”, it gives you the perfect vibes for a trip to the beach, although the lyrics don’t deal with actual surfing. If you’re just finding out about Magic Bronson, they’ll have you wondering where have you been all my life.

Check out “Surfin” streaming now!

halfway mark | a july soundtrack

halfway mark | a july soundtrack

The first of July brings with it a new-found hope. That day is the middle of the year, and marks the 6 month mark until 2020 hits us like a ton of bricks. But we like to take it slow around here, and we’re soaking up every moment we can with new music gems cropping up all month. Check out our soundtrack below for incredible newbies from Shayfer James, Maria Usbeck, Mattia Cupelli, Carriers, Feather Weight, Rager, and more! And don’t forget to check back all month long for new jams!

26 favorite music videos of july 2018

26 favorite music videos of july 2018

Well, we’re over the hump of mid-year now, and most of us are probably sweating up a storm in our respective cities and homes. But we’ve been absolutely enamored by an outpouring of new music video material from some really incredible artists over the past month, so we thought we’d share some of our favorites. There’s really no reason or rhyme to it all. Some of these videos even make us yearn for colder weather and ice capped mountains. (But who are we to get ahead of ourselves here on this sweltering day?) So sit back, find a little something to try out, and enjoy!

Eric Hutchinson, “Hands”

Silent Revival, “Just One Voice”

King Princess, “Holy”

Jessie Reyez, “Apple Juice”

The Little Miss, “American Dream”

alt-j, “in cold blood” (ft. pusha t) by twin shadow

Bourgeois Mystics, “Jaan Pehechan Ho”

Dan Koshute, “All the Way Always”

Farao, “Lula Loves You”

Blood Orange, “Charcoal Baby”

Chantitown, “Mother of Sun”

Doe, “Heated”

Louis Cole, “Things”

Object as Subject, “Removal”

Tiny Eyes, “Just Saying”

Seasaw, “Big Dogs”

The Living End, “Don’t Lose It”

Miles Kane, “Cry On My Guitar”

Sofia Reyes, “1, 2, 3 (Official Solo Acoustic)”

Hannah Grace, “Oh River”

Kelsy Karter, “Sad Sad Summer”

Wild Rivers, “I Won’t Be Back”

Erik Deutsch, “Falling Flowers”

Billie Eilish, “You Should See Me in a Crown”

Ace of Wands, “10,000 Feet”

Whyte Horses, “Never Took the Time”