As always, SXSW was packed to the brim with introspective panels, incredible showcases, and fun opportunities. And some conversations were less for informational purposes than to just have fun. After all, we’ve all been in some level of quarantine over the past year and seeing people is so different than usual!

That said, we had a few fun panels and experiences to share screenshots and quotes from on our SXSW adventure. Let us present our first edition of “seen + heard @ sxsw 2021.”

“We suffer when we can’t be honest about who we are” – Lori Gottlieb
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
Robert Schwartzman | Co-Founder, Utopia Films and Altavod
Emily Best | Founder & CEO, Seed&Spark Inc
Maggie Mackay | Executive Director, Vidiots Foundation
Laura Harrier | Actress
Elijah Wood | Co-Founder, SpectreVision
Film Distribution in an Increasingly Digital Age

Meredith Schneider