Nashville pop outfit Marquee Mayfield (Who’s rumored to have been a country-pop industry plant in addition to an actual robot in his former life, stand by for debunking) is releasing their new single + music video on March 6th, and this one is GUARANTEED to drag you down memory lane.

Mayfield takes us into a pastel paradise via this majorly nostalgic music video inspired by none other than the 80’s own Miami Vice. While those familiar with Mayfield’s work are sure to recognize the 80s influence from his music, viewers are now treated to seeing his music vision come to life right in front of their eyes through the iconic staples of the era brought back for this video, and it’s sure to have them busting out their ‘Party’ fanny packs and neon-colored, geometric-printed windbreakers from back in the day. Roller-blading and polaroids and cassette players, oh my!

Be sure to check out this throwback inspired number for yourself via our exclusive premiere below and see how many 80s references you can spot, including but not limited to a particularly well-done tribute to Miami Vice’s own fashion icon Don Johnson. We see you Mayfield, and we’re here for it.

Madi Toman

Madi Toman

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