Out of New Orleans comes trio Kelly Duplex, here to put a spin on your favorite pop/rock vibe.  “Hoverround” is kicked off with a spicy guitar lick that, only one second in, seems to cement its place in your favorite rock playlist.  It certainly is a special take on pop music in general, or at least what we know pop music as today.  The result of such a task is a loud, big band track that makes you want to start your own rock band in the comfort of your own home.  

Beyond all the glamor of rock n’ roll is deeper layers that bring you and me closer to the band and the message that they want to put into the world.  It’s an honest look at some of the various difficulties that come with life, and they range from struggles with being a parent to even the hardships that come along with diabetes.  Despite how specific it gets, the band does not close themselves off from their listener by ensuring some level of ambiguity throughout the song.

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