London-based quartet Earhart have just released their debut single, “A Cross” on February 9 – a track teeming with rocking guitar, and edgy percussion. Composed of frontman Joe Tennant, Daniel Green on guitar, Aaron Dolby’s bass and drums by Harry Lane, Earhart was formed in 2017 and looks to continue to provide a unique sound. Earhart gets their name from the famed aviator, Amelia Earhart, and they do her homage with songs that make you feel like you’re flying too. The fourpiece serves a slice of inspiration and reality with “A Cross”, as Tennant provides pivotal vocals. A magnificent riff is the cherry on top of “A Cross”, tinged with an emotion packed “baaaaby” from Tennant; it’s the perfect song for all your air-guitar needs.

Says Tennant of the single: “It’s about self-destruction and resurrection.Detachment from the world. Reflections of an outsider looking in.Trying not to drown in a society of lost souls. A feeling of being the only sane one, and holding on to inner-fire when nothing else matters”. With an undeniably catchy beat, “A Cross” is here to stay.

“A Cross” by Earhart is out now, via Fauna Records. Give it a listen or maybe keep it on repeat, like we did.

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Veronica DeFeo

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