Los Angeles-based visual artist, illustrator, zine-maker, and multi-instrumentalist Dakota Blue finally drops his insatiable 8 track Plaza to Plaza LP today, and we’ve got the streaming premiere! Starting in an eery way with what seems to be old opera music, “Plaza I” eases us into the emotional soundscape we are about to embark upon slowly and painlessly. “Private Car” keeps us at that tempo, blissfully floating through electric guitar notes and reverb for days. When we get to “Plaza II”, we aren’t sure if we should expect an extension of its predecessor or not, but it seems these two plazas exist in completely different atmospheres. Whereas the first gave us a taste for nostalgia in its entirety, the third track dances at a quicker tempo, layered with original vocals. “Game Show” brings the energy back down, but not quite to that of the first two tracks. In fact, it does continue with the “eery” theme, incorporating more of Dakota Blue’s vocals like its predecessor.

“I’m The Mannequin” feels older, perhaps with the way dissonance is manipulated throughout. “Scorpion’s Theme”, however, feels exactly as it is described, with heightened sounds to indicate staccato moments of intensity, as though you are facing down with a scorpion in person. This track absolutely belongs in a stressful horror movie, along with many of its colleagues on this collection. (Should we throw that idea into the universe?)

“Beijing” is melancholic in sound, beautiful in its vocalization and the simplicity of the lyrics. Dakota Blue rounds out Plaza to Plaza referencing a third plaza, “Plaza III”. This track begins so quietly, you almost have to focus on nothing but the music. Which is a testament to the way this musician creates, his experimental functions so pronounced that it is most admirable to find time to enjoy these tracks with your mind, body, and soul.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check it out in all of its freshly release glory below!


Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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