Toronto-based six-piece Century Thief has just dropped a brand new single, “406,” off their upcoming EP Deaf Beneath the Waves, out May 4. Deaf Beneath the Waves will be the second record from Century Thief, following their 2015 debut record, Reviere. The six-piece experimental indie band is made of bassist Dante Matas, vocalist/guitarist Omar Shabbar, Kathryn Kearns on keys, wind, and vocals, Adam Reid handling brass, Michael Legere on guitar and vocals, and drummer Colin McNally.

Their new single, “406” encompasses frenzied emotion through varied instrumentation paired with clear but complex lyricism and vocals. The track is not only impressive in and of itself, but also because Century Thief self-produced it (and all their new material), working on their new songs since spring of 2016. With the ability to appeal to a variety of tastes, “406” covers many musical aspects within the the space of a song.

Says the group of their new single: “406,”  is about trying to close the growing distance between two people in a failed relationship. It explores ideas of false hope and the harsh realities of a newfound loneliness, pulling at loose threads through selective memory.”

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Veronica DeFeo